Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots

Crafted with Tradition in San Antonio, TX

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Handcrafted Quality

Each pair of boots is a masterpiece that our skilled artisans meticulously craft.

Built to Last

Durability meets design in boots made for all life’s adventures in Texas and beyond.

Personalized Fit

Experience comfort with boots tailored to your specific foot shape.

Our Journey

Legacy In Every Step Since 1915

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Since 1915, Little’s Boot Company has been more than just a bootmaker; we’re a family legacy woven into the fabric of San Antonio. From Lucien Little’s first shoe repair shop to the custom boot designs that dress ranchers and city dwellers alike, we’ve crafted boots that are as unique as the people who wear them. Our century-long journey celebrates craftsmanship, family, and the stories that make each pair truly special.

The Little’s Boot Collection

Where Tradition Meets Precision

Discover the artistry behind every stitch and leather cut at Little’s Boot Company, where each boot and accessory reflects our unmatched craftsmanship.
Custom Handmade Boots

Design Your Signature Boots

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Personal Style

Select from premium designs that reflect your individuality and define your journey.

Perfect Fit

Experience unparalleled comfort with boots sculpted to the contours of your feet.

Favorite Leather

From textured to smooth leather, we offer a palette to match your style preference.

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Keep Walking Your Journey

Lifetime Care for Your Little’s Boots

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Ensure your custom boots last a lifetime with Little’s Boot Company’s expert maintenance and repair services, where our trusted craftsmen care for every detail.

We dedicate our expertise to only repairing boots we’ve crafted. Our motto is, “Let the bootmakers repair the boots they create.” This ensures each pair receives the specialized care it deserves and maintains our standards for high-quality repair.
Our comprehensive repair services include adjustments for a perfect fit, stretching for comfort, re-soling for durability, new rubber heels for better grip, and meticulous cleaning and scuff removal to restore your boots to their original glory.

Regular inspection for wear and tear is key. Look for sole wear or leather scuffs. We recommend annual check-ups to ensure your boots stay in prime condition for years to come.

Custom Handmade Accessories

Complete YOur Look

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Two leather wallets on a textured surface.

Signature Wallets

Enhance your style with a personalized touch or gift a piece of everyday western luxury with our leather handcrafted wallets.

A black leather belt with a silver buckle is shown on top of a brown leather belt with a gold buckle, both resting on a beige surface.

Leather Belts

Style your custom boots with a belt crafted from the same quality leather. Our Ranger, Tapered, and Straight style belts are the perfect finish to your fit.

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Decorative icon representing intricate stitching on custom cowboy boots.

“Today I’m wearing my amazing Little’s Boots they are an amazing fit!! I can dance the night away in my Little’s!!!”

Cindy R.

“If you looking for boots with quality, style that fit perfect go to Little’s. First time in my life a pair of boots that fit !! It only costs a ” Little” more to go first class!! Thank you, Little’s Boots!!!!!”

John M.

“Hands down, the best custom western boot shop I have ever been to. Amazing selection of artisan-crafted custom boots. Huge variety of skins and upper boot designs, stitched and inlaid.”

Michael W.

“True Texas customs that stand the test of time.”

Chevy C.

“I have been Little’d!!!! As a native San Antonian and multiple-generation native Texan, I have wanted a pair of custom boots. Now I have the best.I love these boots.I will be wearing these for years to come. I highly recommend Little’s Boot Company. The care they took to fit and make these handcrafted custom boots was beyond extraordinary. Sharon, Duane, Royal, and the crew are the best. Thank you.”

Royce S.

“I have complicated feet and they took extreme care to make sure I was going to have optimum comfort when my boots are completed. I have found a boot shop for life thanks to these wonderful people.”

Kathy P.

“Visiting Little’s Boots is like visiting family, only more fun and less fighting. Their boots are works of art.”

Rodger D.

“Little’s makes great boots! I have a pair that is 35 years old, I still wear them – and they look great!”

Blair Y.

“I now have 3 pairs of Little’s Boots. Elephant, kangaroo, and ostrich. Love them!! Comfortable and beautiful. It’s wearable art. Great customer service. If you wear boots you need at least one pair of custom-made Little’s boots!!”

Gary R.

Step Into Your Unique Style

With Custom Boots Crafted Just for You

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Ready to walk in boots that reflect your personality and style? Let’s craft your perfect pair together. From custom designs to the ultimate fit, we’re here to bring your vision to life.