Personalized Luxury
Cowboy Boots

Handmade in San Antonio, TX

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Rooted in the rich tradition of Texas craftsmanship, our personalized luxury cowboy boots blend the enduring art of bootmaking with contemporary elegance. Every boot we craft is a tribute to Texas’s rich heritage, designed to fit seamlessly into your walk of life.

How It Works

Step-by-Step Craftsmanship

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Customizing your cowboy boots with Little’s is a straightforward and exciting process. We guide you through each step, ensuring your boots reflect your style and fit perfectly.

Measure Your Feet

Visit our website or call us directly to book your personal fitting session at our San Antonio location. We’ll find a time that works best for you!
Please wear the type of socks you plan to wear with your boots. If you have specific needs or preferences, let us know in advance.
We trace your foot and take key measurements to ensure a perfect fit for a lifetime. This detailed process guarantees comfort and durability.

Creating your custom boots takes about nine months, allowing us to perfect every detail for the ultimate fit and style.

Our custom boots start at $1800.00, reflecting the quality, craftsmanship, and personalization that go into each pair.
Rows of wooden shoe lasts, designed for crafting personalized luxury cowboy boots, are placed meticulously on shelves in a storage area.

Select Your Style

Choose the style that speaks to you. From classic designs to modern twists, we have a wide range to satisfy your taste.

Toe Style

Our selection includes traditional round toes, sharp pointed toes, and everything in between. Each leather option is handpicked for quality and durability, ensuring your boots are both stylish and long-lasting.

Heel Style

Select from walking heels, riding heels, or fashion heels to suit your lifestyle and comfort.

Top Style

Choose the height and design of your boot tops for a truly customized look.

Choose Your Leather

We offer a variety of materials to make your boots stand out. Little’s meticulously selects and cuts from corresponding parts of leather skins, guaranteeing harmonious pattern matches so that every boot achieves unmatched quality.
An older person with gray hair, wearing an apron, inspects or works with a piece of dark leather cloth.
Among the most opulent exotic leathers, alligator and crocodile skins bring unparalleled luxury to boot-making. Celebrated for their diverse scale patterns, these leathers captivate with their luster and resilience.

American Alligator
Sourced from the belly of alligators farmed in Louisiana and Florida, this leather is distinguished by its unique scale patterns, offering boots a touch of elegance.

Nile Crocodile
Originating from South Africa and Zimbabwe, Nile Crocodile leather is renowned for its more uniform belly scales, providing a sophisticated and sleek appearance.

The exquisite finish of prime aniline Calfskin positions our calf boots as the premier choice for both dress and business occasions. Emphasizing sophistication, Little’s boots are crafted from the finest European leathers, achieving stellar appearance and a comfortable fit that stands the test of time. Classic in design yet unparalleled in durability, these boots are tailored for everyday elegance and wearability, making them a fundamental addition to any discerning wardrobe.
Renowned for its remarkable durability, elephant leather stands as the toughest of all. Its natural resistance to scuffing and low maintenance needs make it an ideal choice for those who demand both resilience and style. With a distinctive grain that adds to its allure, elephant leather offers unparalleled flexibility, making it perfectly suited for work or hunting boots. This leather not only meets the rigorous demands of daily wear but also brings a unique aesthetic to any pair of boots, blending rugged functionality with distinctive elegance.
Kangaroo leather sets the standard for comfort and softness in the realm of boot wear. Sourced from esteemed Italian tanneries, it crafts a glove-soft boot that wraps your feet in unsurpassed comfort, enhancing every step with walking pleasure. This leather combines lightweight flexibility with durability, offering a boot that’s not only comfortable to wear but also long-lasting and stylish, making it an ideal choice for those who value both form and function in their boots.
Ostrich leather, with its unique quill pattern featuring distinctive “bumps,” is unparalleled in appearance and offers a luxurious blend of softness, flexibility, and durability. Ideal for versatile wear—from office settings to casual weekends—ostrich boots provide exceptional comfort and enduring style. At Little’s, we meticulously select quill ostrich for the vamps to showcase the iconic feather growth marks, while the smooth, supple non-quill ostrich from the sides and belly adorns the tops, offering a harmonious contrast. For those desiring an extra touch of elegance, we also offer the option to combine European Calf or Italian Kangaroo tops with a quill ostrich vamp, crafting boots that are as unique as they are comfortable.
Custom Handmade Accessories

Complete YOur Look

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Two leather wallets on a textured surface.

Signature Wallets

Enhance your style with a personalized touch or gift a piece of everyday western luxury with our leather handcrafted wallets.

A black leather belt with a silver buckle is shown on top of a brown leather belt with a gold buckle, both resting on a beige surface.

Leather Belts

Style your custom boots with a belt crafted from the same quality leather. Our Ranger, Tapered, and Straight style belts are the perfect finish to your fit.

Design Your Perfect Pair

From fitting to final touches, we’re here to help you design boots that are uniquely yours. Start your journey to the perfect pair of cowboy boots today.

Boot Repair & Care

Extend Your Boots’ Journey

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Trust Little’s Boot Company to maintain the durability and beauty of your cowboy boots. Our expert care extends their life and preserves their story, ensuring they’re ready for whatever your next adventure brings.

Cowboy Boot Care FAQs

No, Little’s Boot Company only repairs boots that we have originally made, ensuring each pair receives the specialized attention and care it deserves. For boots not made by Little’s, we recommend consulting with a repair service that specializes in the specific brand or type of boot you own.
When the soles show significant wear or discomfort begins, it’s time to resole. Regular inspection helps catch early signs of wear.
We meticulously replace the outsoles, welt, and heels of your boots, including new welts for durability and longevity.
New welts ensure the boots maintain their shape and integrity, providing a seamless transition and prolonging their lifespan.
Yes, we can fit new rubber heels to enhance grip and durability, alongside reconditioning and shining the leather for a refreshed look.
Our leather preservers penetrate the fibers, preserving strength and beauty while renewing the leather’s appearance and durability.
A person is holding a brown leather boot and polishing it with a round brush, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of handmade cowboy boots.

Request A Boot Repair

Keep Your Boots Walking

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