Little’s Boot Company

Custom Cowboy Boot Makers

Since 1915

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For more than a century Little’s Boot Company in San Antonio has been crafting custom cowboy boots with unparalleled quality and personal touch. Our skilled artisans use the finest materials to ensure each pair reflects our century-old tradition of craftsmanship, comfort, and individual style.

Our Family Legacy

Over 100 Years of Experience

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Little's Boot & Shoe Hospital.

Little’s Boot & Shoe Hospital

1915 – 1930

In the bustling streets of San Antonio, Lucien Little, a shoe salesman with a dream, opened the doors to Little’s Boot & Shoe Hospital. His shop, initially a haven for weary shoes seeking new life, quickly evolved into a cornerstone of custom boot-making. It was here, among the leather and laces, that Lucien laid the foundation for what would become a legacy of Texas craftsmanship.

Ben Little’s Legacy

1930s – 1940s

Ben Little, inheriting his father’s knack for innovation, saw beyond the repair bench. He envisioned boots that could conquer the rugged Texas landscape with finesse. Crafting boots that melded durability with style, Ben’s creations became the silent witness to the tireless toil of ranchers and the steadfast spirit of cowboys.

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A black-and-white photo of four men seated in a workshop, crafting custom handmade cowboy boots using various tools and materials around them.

Evolving Boot Designs

1940s – 1966

The 1940s brought change as ranchers and cowboys ventured into the growing cityscape of San Antonio and their boots walked from dusty trails to paved streets. Ben Little responded to this cultural change with designs that reflected ranch life, yet carried the sophistication of the city. These boots were for more than just walking. They made a statement, bridging ever-changing worlds with pointed toes and intricate designs.

Dave Little’s Legacy

1970s – 1980s

The passing of Ben Little in 1966 left a legacy to be carried forward by his sons, John and Dave. Under their leadership, the mission of Little’s went beyond mere footwear and become a symbol of Western elegance. Each stitch, a testament to the Little family’s dedication to quality and the relentless pursuit of perfection, set the stage for what would become a symbol of legacy and distinction.

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Sharon Little’s Innovation

1980s – 2014

Sharon Little introduced computers to the family business, blending tradition with technology. Dave’s son, Duane, returned to the company and infused fresh energy into Little’s Boots. Together, the Little siblings crafted boots for the new age, still paying homage to their family history and ensuring every pair of Little’s boots was crafted to be cherished.

100 Year Anniversary


In 2015, Little’s Boot Company celebrated 100 years of handmade boot-making. This anniversary was a tribute to a century of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and a deep-rooted passion for creating footwear that embodies the spirit of Texas. From dusty hill country ranches to the bustling streets of modern cities, Little’s Boots looks forward to a century of footsteps and stories.

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Little’s Today

2016 – Present

Over the years, sibling duo, Sharon and Duane Little, alongside their nephew-in-law Royal Brown, and their team of dedicated boot artisans have continued the Little’s Boots legacy for those who value quality, traditional boot craftsmanship. From the heart of San Antonio to the feet of those who tread boldly, Little’s continues to make boots as a testament to the past and a step into the future.

Craftsmanship Showcase

Craftsmanship at Little’s celebrates heritage and quality, with each boot crafted as a masterpiece of durability and artisanal excellence.
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Hand-Selected Materials

Our boots begin with the finest leathers and materials, hand-selected for their quality, beauty, and durability.

Precision in
Every Stitch

Skillful hands stitch each boot with precision and unmatched craft, upholding our commitment to perfection.

Custom Fit
& Comfort

Tailored to your foot’s unique contours, our boots promise unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit, making them truly yours.

Artisanal Techniques

Time-honored techniques, passed down through generations, bring the tradition of bootmaking to life in every pair.

Innovative Design

Our custom boot designs are both timeless and modern, setting trends while staying true to our roots.

Legacy of Quality

With a legacy built on quality, each pair of Little’s boots is designed to last, carrying stories of heritage and craftsmanship.

Personalized Experience

Your Style, Our Craft

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Each pair of boots is handcrafted to blend traditional craftsmanship with your style and needs. Whether it’s customizing the fit for the rugged outdoors or designing a statement piece for the fashion-forward, Little’s is dedicated to making boots just for you.

Close-up of hands wearing a wristwatch and a ring, cutting patterns out of leather with a utility knife on a workspace.
A person in a blue apron is taking care of a pair of homemade cowboy boots.

Keep Walking Your Journey

Lifetime Care for Your Little’s Boots

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Ensure your custom boots last a lifetime with Little’s Boot Company’s expert maintenance and repair services, where our trusted craftsmen care for every detail.

We dedicate our expertise to only repairing boots we’ve crafted. Our motto is, “Let the bootmakers repair the boots they create.” This ensures each pair receives the specialized care it deserves and maintains our standards for high-quality repair.

Our comprehensive repair services include adjustments for a perfect fit, stretching for comfort, re-soling for durability, new rubber heels for better grip, and meticulous cleaning and scuff removal to restore your boots to their original glory.

Regular inspection for wear and tear is key. Look for sole wear or leather scuffs. We recommend annual check-ups to ensure your boots stay in prime condition for years to come.

Step Into Your Unique Style

With Custom Boots Crafted Just for You

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Ready to walk in boots that reflect your personality and style? Let’s craft your perfect pair together. From custom designs to the ultimate fit, we’re here to bring your vision to life.