From cleaning to conditioning to storing, there are many things to consider when caring for your custom boots. Not only do these tasks keep your boots looking great, but they also extend their lifespan. A lot of TLC is necessary to maintain the allure of custom cowboy boots, from protecting stitching to ensuring proper care for various leather types.

Let’s go over the steps necessary for regular care and maintenance of your custom cowboy boots in San Antonio.

Breaking in Your Boots

As with any type of footwear, it’s important to break them in first so they can ensure a comfortable fit. Here’s what you can do to soften the leather so it conforms to the shape of your feet:

  • Wear Socks: Socks will aid in cushioning, moisture absorption, and prevention of discomfort and blisters.
  • Start Slow: Wear your boots for short periods of time at first, gradually upping the duration over time.
  • Bend and Flex: Bend your ankles and flex your toes while in the boots.
  • Condition Regularly: Apply leather conditioner to prevent cracking and to ensure the leather remains supple.

Scratch & Stain Prevention

Cowboy boots feature intricate patterns, stitching, designs, and vibrant colors that need to be protected and preserved. Here are some tips for providing that extra layer of care:

  • Minimize Exposure: If you wear your boots in the rain, snow, or direct sunlight, don’t panic. Allow the boots to dry and be sure to not put them near a heat source, as this can result in unwanted shrinking of the leather.
  • Clean Spills Immediately: Gently blot the area with a clean, damp cloth immediately, but stay away from harsh cleaners.

Complete Leather Care

The inherent uniqueness and beauty of leather requires regular care to maintain its allure. Failure to provide regular care will lead to drying, cracking, and dullness.

  • Cleaning: Remove dust and dirt using a soft brush. Use a mild leather cleaner and damp cloth for deep cleans. In most cases, you just need to brush the boots and wipe with a damp rag, but if your boots are heavily soiled, use baby soap and rinse lightly with water.
  • Conditioning: Apply a leather conditioner that is designed for your specific type of leather boot. If your boots are a lighter color leather or made from an exotic species such as alligator or ostrich, always do a test spot first with the conditioner. Apply more conditioner to dry areas of the boots, and less to the worn areas.
  • Drying: After applying conditioner, allow your boots to dry for several hours in order for the conditioner to get absorbed. A good rule of thumb is 24 hours. Do not place your boots by any type of heat source during the drying process, as this can shrink the leather and affect the fit of the boots.
  • Polishing: To restore the shine of your boots, apply a high-quality polish with a clean cloth. If you like a matte look, use less polish. If you like a shiny finish, use more.

Different Leather Types

Every type of leather is different and requires different care routines.

  • Full-Grain: Full-grain leather requires regular conditioning and cleaning to maintain its durability and natural grain pattern.
  • Nubuck: This velvety textured leather requires gentle cleaning with specialized leather care products.
  • Suede: Due to its soft and delicate surface, suede or “roughout” finishes require frequent brushing and the application of suede protectors.

Tips For Longer-Lasting Handmade Boots

  • Store Properly: Store them in a cool, dry place, away from heat and sun, and maintain their shape by storing them upright or in their original box if possible.
  • Invest in the right accessories: From boot polish to horsehair brushes, invest in the accessories and cleaners that will extend the lifespan of your boots and make maintenance easier.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid the use of strong detergents or solvents that could damage your boots.
  • Protect From Moisture: Keep your boots away from excessive moisture to prevent damage.
  • Regular Maintenance: Set and follow a regular cleaning and conditioning schedule.

In the end, caring for your leather boots doesn’t have to take a lot of time or grand gestures. Even small actions, such as giving your boots a rest for a day or storing them out of direct sunlight, can increase their durability and lifespan. Taking care of your custom boots is not a chore; it’s a lifestyle.

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